How to: Care for Roscan Copper Bottom CookwareFrancais

Copper is well valued for its strength and ability to conduct heat. Copper cookware is every cook’s dream but also very expensive. Roscan Professional line of Copper Bottom Cookware combines quality and performance without the high price tag.  Our products in this line are made from high quality 18/10 stainless steel with an addition of copper to the pan’s or pot’s bottom. The copper layer allow the heat to be spread evenly throughout the cookware.

Exposure to heat, air and humidity changsd the appearance of copper. You can expect Roscan Copper bottom cookware to change color when you cook with it. It may turn a deeper orange, or even develop purple and blue streaks. This is perfectly normal and is not permanent. In order to keep your cookware looking their best, a regular cleaning is necessary.

We strongly recommend using a commercial copper cleaner to restore the original shine and luster. Though commercial copper cleaners work best, you can also make a solution out of lemon juice, vinegar or any acidic natural ingredient to remove the stains on the copper bottom.

Please note that the use of steel brush is not recommended as it may damage the layer of copper and ruin your cookware.

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